Mind Flow: The Future

?The Future?

Each week of the course opened up new questions about what will happen in the future. I wanted to share these questions with you.

 Week One

–       Future of the course

–       What knowledge will be gained?

–       What do I already know about media and how will the course change this knowledge?

–       How will media events change the future?

–       How will culture change?

 Week Two

–       How will media theory and theorist change?

–       Will all media theory be about social media?

–       With the speed of technology and information are we loosing our sense of space?

–       Technological determinism or cultural materialism?

 Week Three

–       How will new media technologies change my thoughts, perceptions and actions?

–       Will the introduction of new media forms mean that various media will keep canceling each other out?

 Week Four

–       What will happen to our memories/minds if we keep using technologies to perform these functions?

–       What information will be discovered in the future about how our minds and bodies work?

 Week Five

–       How soon will there be 3D glasses that will allow us to see augmented reality?

–       Virtual mirrors have changed online shopping, how else will online shopping change?

–       How will augmented reality change professions?

–       What will be the dangers associated with virtual reality?

 Week Six

–       How will my habits change as I get older?

–       What is going to happen in the climate change debate? Will the world reduce its omissions?

–       How will data collection change?

–       How will my perception of the past change with the more knowledge I know?

 Week Seven

–       How will the ways of music making and distribution change even further?

–       Will the whole idea of the music legend change?

–       In what ways will new media respond to thinking transversely?

–       The network society has meant that we are moving from a binary way of thinking to a more complex way of thinking. Will our thinking keep evolving with the new “societies”?

 Week Eight

–       Will the audience gain any more power? If so in what way?

–       How will Internet change governance in the future?

–       How will the Internet change the education system?

Week Nine

–       How will social organizations change? Will this change be for the better?

–       What changes will I make in the future? How will I go about making these changes?

–       Is the future going to be more collaborative?

Week Ten

–       How will science publishing change?

–       What will happen to ownership rights? Will they change?

–       What will be the next big scientific breakthrough?

–       How much will the Internet change the scientific method?


– Sometimes the more we learn the more we start to question

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