BIG POLITICS: The Fate of the State

This week I have decided to do a mind map as the readings were full of all different ideas and it seemed the best way to present them all. In black I have written some of the ideas that came from the readings and in blue I have written all the questions that relate to these topics. These questions are things I think everyone should be asking themselves in order to be prepared for how technology is changing the future.

Interested in what I am talking about see these following sites and readings and tune in next week:

Lessig, Lawrence (2010) ‘Against Transparency: The perils of openness in government.’<,0>

Ellis, Bob (2010) ‘Sleepless in Canberra’ The ABC, Drum Unleashed <>

Mason, Paul (2011) ‘Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere’, Idle Scrawls BBC, <>

Hirschkind, Charles (2011) ‘From the Blogosphere to the Street: The Role of Social Media in the Egyptian Uprising’,  Jadaliyya <>

Usher, Nikki (2011), ‘How Egypt’s uprising is helping redefine the idea of a “media event”’, The Nieman Lab <>

UsNow <> (click “Watch this Film” at the top).

Styles, Catherine (2009) ‘A Government 2.0 idea – first, make all the functions visible’ <>

Explore this Australian Government Site <>

Rauch, Jonathan (2010) ‘Group Think: Inside the Tea Party’s Collective Brain’, Articles by Jonathan Rauch <>

Brafman, Ori and Beckstrom, Rod A. (2010) ‘The Power Of Leaderless Organizations: Craigslist, Wikipedia And Al Qaeda All Demonstrate How Absence Of Structure Has Become An Asset’, National Journal <>

Brewer, Joe (2011) ‘Introducing the Progressive Strategy Handbook’, Truthout <>

Robinson, Ken (2010) ‘Changing Education Paradigms’, RSA: 12st Century Enlightenment <>

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Unileaks Keeping Education Honest <;













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