Picture This: Music, Journalism and Transversality

This image was chosen to represent music as it shows the confusion that now comes with the Internet. There are now so many new ways that creators and distributors of music are intertwined, so many different directions from which we can receive music, so many different ways music is being distributed and so many different ways music is being created. The image represents this well by having a number of different multi-coloured lines that all go across each other. If you search the Internet their are many new and exciting ways that music and the music industry is changing. For example, Loscil is using sound synthesis to create very new and exciting sounds see – http://bluerize.com/mix-and-master-009-loscil-interview-on-creating-unique-sounds. There is a sit called you are listening to (insert place here) (see – http://youarelisteningtolosangeles.com/) that takes the sounds from a particular city (in links case Los Angles) and adds it to a music background.  Matthew Florianz is creating ambient environment soundscapes (see http://www.matthewflorianz.com/index.html). If you go to the following section of his site http://www.matthewflorianz.com/images_maalbeek_2010.html you will be able to look at pictures whilst listening to the sound, this creates a whole new relationship between the two different senses. When you first look at the pictures without the music you do not really feel anything but when you add the music the pictures suddenly feel creepy, dark, mysterious and peaceful.

Demand Media Breaking the Bank
[Source: OnlineMBA.com

This image is a great example of how the journalism industry is currently being framed. This is a graphical example of how “demand media has established themselves as an industry leader, producing content solely based on how much it can earn in advertising dollars from each article over a 5 year period.” Picture written and designed by Ricky Linn (no date offered) see –  http://www.onlinemba.com/demand-media-breaking-the-bank/. I find this particularly interesting, as journalism has always suffered from the problem of what to publish, news that informs or news that sells well.  Instead of making this better it appears that the Internet is just making this worse.

“Transversal is the line that cuts across other lines, perhaps across entire fields – bringing the fields together in a new way, recreating fields as something else” (Murphie, 2006). And according to Murphy (2006) “transversality is unavoidable when working with new media technologies.” This picture I drew trying to recreate this idea of the transversal visually. See http://nine.fibreculturejournal.org/ for a full discussion on thinking transversely, new media technologies, problems with these technologies and how theorists are overcoming these problems and how they are looking at things differently.

I think music; journalism and many other industries are having problems with framing. The old, big industries are trying to hold onto their dominance instead of embracing the new. Users were taking the control they have now been given and exploiting it to the max (surprisingly this was not at the big companies loss and yet they still rebelled). What I think is happening now though is that users and producers are trying to work out a way to frame everything differently so we can still have the access we want, big companies can still keep their control and in the end we get better quality products. See The Nieman Journalism Lab http://www.niemanlab.org/ for an example of what I mean.

Pictures from:

Image one: Music http://www.gettyimages.com.au/Search/Search.aspx?query=z.i.H4sIAAAAAAAEAOy9B2AcSZYlJi9tynt_SvVK1-B0oQiAYBMk2JBAEOzBiM3mkuwdaUcjKasqgcplVmVdZhZAzO2dvPfee–999577733ujudTif33_8_XGZkAWz2zkrayZ4hgKrIHz9-fB8_In7dfLn91etf49f4NX6PX_dskV3kvyb9-pj-_-st1k0xTX_NET74NX6dX2Pz82uan0ldVe3LrM4Wza-tn_1a-P_uDn793U373wz__Mb0_1_v3evr5vSdgfFren_zu9m5-fXX1N8B7tfOzqe2S_8P9Plr7nCPi9a96X7_dahxab-wf-G9X5f-qBcGUufPXx_Nd_HXr8efTyyMzt_82rlFLvyToexYKOcdKO5vfq0OcbF_MpQ9C6XuQHF_E2VyCwN_MHl-DSXTLj79Dc3XmAymLdEkX5lPf83gr187nzT2G_MHEzt3OHi__1q5a-79_ms3q5X9HH8YHH8r–Ll1L3ofv91qtpjFfsXfzXJ_a_MX3h-7dnV0vz-a5o_wNC_TrP2xhP89WvnmcPA_4N-X_lf2D9-3SaAFv75a7979tzxK_1hv8hqDzfvj9-omVar_Ml6OSs9IgafGoA_DjgPdu7j91-HeGhtmwd__TrzWv4QCuEvA-HjXwMS-il-JS5xcuP_8eu9yK_ypv1_AgAA__8kOaQJLwQAAA..&sd1=music%3A70206

Image two: Journalism http://www.onlinemba.com/demand-media-breaking-the-bank/

Image three: Transversality Drawn by Nadia Barry on word inspiration from my tutor Charlotte Farrell

Interested in what I am talking about see these following sites and readings and tune in next week:





http://www.onlinemba.com/demand-media-breaking-the-bank/ – picture written and designed by Ricky Lee no date provided

A. Murphie December 2006, The Fibrecultural Journal: Digital Media, Networks and Transdisciplinary critique, University of New South Wales, Issue 9 2006: general issue  http://nine.fibreculturejournal.org/






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